What are antioxidants? The most basic definition of antioxidants is a molecule intended to convert free radicals, also called reactive oxygen species (ROS), into less reactive molecules. To do this, they donate electrons to these unstable molecules, which

Health risks and environmental impact due to the use of sunscreens.     Human exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR) continues to be a major public health concern with skin cancer cases increasing annually. Aside from sun avoidance, the

Hydroquinone: Gold standard no more? Skin lightening and the associated active ingredients, have long been a contentious topic of discussion. The cosmetic process of skin lightening has caused an outcry from advocates that rightfully oppose colorism. However, the

Shaking up the Sunscreen Industry Over the past couple decades, the scope and magnitude of sunscreen regulation has expanded significantly under the FDA. Beginning with the original OTC sunscreen monograph drafted by the FDA in 1978, there have

Sunscreen: A History and Overview When you think of sunscreen, maybe you think of a fresh coconut smell, taking you back to the local swimming pool as a kid, popsicle in hand. Or maybe you become nostalgic as

  DNA Damage and Chemotherapy   Part two in a series on DNA Damage and Cancer We all enjoy a good paradox, something that is contradictory in nature but still holds truth and logic. Whether they are in

Ever wonder about the connection between your DNA and your cognitive health? It turns out that they are more directly connected than you may think- and it comes down to the good old aging process. But first, let’s