We have established mammalian cell culture facilities including new Thermofisher Scientific cell culture incubators, class two biological hoods, large centrifuge, microcentrifuge and short- and long-term cell storage facilities.

Cell counting and morphological analysis is conducted on the Countess II automated cell counter (Thermofisher) and the EVOS inverted microscope (Thermofisher), both machines are capable of digital image acquisition.

Amelia Technologies has recently acquired two cutting-edge pieces of equipment that have greatly increased Amelia’s scientific capabilities; the Cytation5 (BioTek) and the Nanostring nCounter MAX analysis system (Nanostring).

The Cytation5 is a next generation cell imaging multi-mode reader which incorporates automated digital widefield microscopy with multimodal high capacity microplate reading (fluorescent and luminescent). The machine carries the optional CO2/O2 controller with built-in incubator, for long term live cell assays and can detect multiple fluorophores through variable bandwidth monochromators. The Cytation5 comes with Gen5 imaging analysis software which we have customized together with Biotek to allow for the high sensitivity detection and quantitation RT-RPA amplification products. Amelia also has a suite of diagnostic designated Nanostring instruments including a preparation station, nCounter MAX and high capacity PCR machinery. 

Amelia Technologies also has a molecular research laboratory complete with all generic biology equipment including pH meters, stir plates, electrophoresis equipment, chemical hoods, multi-block high capacity (2 x384) PCR machine, fridges (4c) and freezers (-20c).